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6 Steps to Start Up Success

FREE Workshop

Tuesday 20th April

6-7.30pm BST

Turn your business idea into a reality 

Are you ready to connect to your true why and understand what is keeping you stuck?

This 90 minute workshop is designed for new and aspiring entrepreneurs to help you start up success in your business.  For those aspiring entrepreneurs among you I'll help you take confident action on that idea and turn it into a reality.  If you are a new entrepreneur and are finding yourself a little stuck we'll reconnect with your why and set new foundations for you to move forward.


This workshop has been designed to accompany my 6 Steps to Start Up Success Workbook & Mindset guide which introduces you to the 6 steps.


During the workshop we will take each of those steps in turn and add many more layers to your learning.

The 6 Steps to Start Up Success

  1. Clarity

  2. Future Vision

  3. Identity

4. Roadblocks

5. Comparison

6. Language

If you haven't got your workbook & guide yet click below to get yours!

Is this you?

  • You are toying with the idea of launching a business but you keep doubting yourself and ignoring those niggles!

  • You have set up a business already but it's early days and you feel a little lost and unsure of your next steps

  • You only feel able to see all the problems and obstacles and can't see a way through

  • The fear of the worst case scenario is meaning you aren't taking enough action

Imagine If...

  • You could connect with your true why and feel motivated and inspired to commit to turning your idea into a reality.

  • You could understand what has been holding you back and begin to move forward with new business foundations

  • You could begin to build new habits to support you

  • All this and more is possible!


Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop. Really inspiring and of huge value. A barrier for me is procrastination...your session knocked that block down and I really focussed and made progress on steps.  Feeling so much more motivated. Thank you.

Amazing amount of work and effort has gone into this, incredibly valuable.  I am motivated and so grateful to you

Great workshop! Really well put together and nicely presented. The workbook was insightful but the workshop put a lot of substance behind it. Highlight for me was doing the exercises that were really thought provoking!


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Tuesday 20th April

6-7.30pm BST