[Before] I felt overwhelmed and confused if I was doing a lot or not enough. I now feel calmer and like I have more clarity on how I am spending my time and where I can be using my free time.

I have loved the course and it has been great hearing how other people are getting on and knowing I’m not alone in my struggles.  The workbooks have been fab, I will definitely come back to them in future. Thank you for your support on this journey.

Charlotte - Barre & Pilates Teacher

I was just starting out in turning my business into my main income and felt I would benefit from the added structure and accountability for my working days.  I also felt I could grow and learn in the area of boundaries and time management so that I could help my business be something that was harmonious with family life.  Now I am clearer about what my priority tasks are for the day and getting better at not writing unachievable lists! 😊 I choose  to shift out of overwhelm and feel grounded with a foundation for a well balanced business. Still with ideas a plenty but I know which ones to start with 😊

We all felt your unwavering and professional support of us.  The course content/workbooks were beautifully designed in regards of the questions they asked of us, the extras they taught and also the pleasing design. The calls were warm, friendly and inspiring.

Maggie - Yoga Teacher & Life Coach

Working with Amelia is the best decision I’ve made in a long time!  Amelia’s style was perfect for me, she held me accountable to actions but also was always understanding and approachable if I didn’t manage to complete something. Amelia was there for me a lot inbetween calls, which helped not only with accountability but also in creating a bond between us which made me feel like our calls were a safe space to open up about tougher subjects/beliefs! The follow up after the sessions are also fantastic, Amelia goes into such great detail about everything that we discussed, and knowing that Amelia does this allowed me to engage/focus more on our calls because I wasn’t worrying about taking down loads of notes.  Amelia has helped me dig deep into some of my self-sabotaging behaviours in life and business, questioning ‘why’ to a lot of the things I say. This has led to me changing my outlook in so many areas of life and business. Namely, I am SO much more able to deal with my overwhelm.

I utilise my time better. Prior to working with Amelia I would often say ‘I don’t have time’ or ‘I’m so busy and chaotic’ – now I rarely say these sort of phrases and when I do, I call myself out on it. I feel more in control of my time and able to make the most out of the hours in the day.

I felt overwhelmed at almost every element of my life! I felt like I was constantly planning but without taking action.  Now I feel like I have a whole SUITCASE full of tools to use to help overcome my overwhelm. This is so helpful for me to have these practical tools as well as the deep digging that we did into the causes/triggers of my overwhelm.

Nina - Events Company Founder

I was really struggling with turning my passion and hobby into a business both in terms of practicality and mindset. I had a lot of ideas but didn’t know how to go about making them happen. I also struggled with my mindset around not feeling good enough and comparison to others.  I can confidently say that the program has helped me with all of these aspects.  [I have] more structure and time management resulting in me making more progress and moving forward with my business, new belief in myself and showing up more, new branding.  Clear business plan and points of action.

Thank you so much for creating this program and all your help over the past 2 months. I’m so grateful and happy that I got to take part in this program. I have learnt a lot and I can’t wait to see my business continue to grow

Natalia - Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

Working with Amelia has been so fundamental to me over the last few months. From the lockdown confusion and overwhelm, she has helped me identify what are wants, and what are needs. What are goals and what are tasks, and helped me to set actionable tasks in order to achieve my goals. She has helped me find clarity and better sense of what I am looking for. Amelia helped me to point out my strengths so that I could work with them instead of against them , which was honestly life changing!

I have seen better time management, and less procrastination. The courage to start DOING and stop overthinking.

I have completely reorganised my never ending to do list.  Looking kindly at all the things I WANT to do, and learning to organise them better so that I can actually work out what I really value , and what I really want.

If you are thinking of working with Amelia I would say go for it, it’s clear you have intuition that you know you could be doing better but aren’t sure how. Asking for help can give you much more clarity and focus with our actions, and reduce the overwhelming feeling that you need to be better and be brilliant immediately , all at once.

Amy - Dentist and Yoga Teacher

"I spoke with Amelia about getting some of our new brand ambassadors more engaged and focused to run their own businesses. She came up with a 3 part workshop series to help them reconnect with their why, uncover what is keeping them stuck and set new actions to move them forward. I discussed particular issues our team face and she adapted her work to include elements that we specifically wanted covering such as Imposter Syndrome and Social Media.  Our team that attended the workshops gave us incredible feedback. They felt it was an effective use of their time, well-structed, focused, very positive and they enjoyed the engagement and follow-up. We can't wait to work with Amelia again for future collaborations.  If you are looking for someone who understands how to motivate and inspire your brand ambassadors, employees or franchises, I highly recommend her.  Her style is professional as well as engaging, energetic and fun." 

Paul - Empowerment Manager for Hello Day 

Amelia is the most delightful energy! She is so full of positive approaches and techniques towards making better decisions for you! I completed the mini bundle and found myself recognising areas that I was overlooking because of being 'busy' recognising where I was prioritising short term wins over passion and purpose. These kinds of changes have not been easy to amend, however once achieved  with Amelia support', tasks and guidance you are offered a way to check your priorities and find balance for your personal growth and business development. If you are someone that had prioritised delivering well and performing to such a high standard that you overlook your needs, I highly recommend working with Amelia!!

NM- Manchester

I reached out to Amelia on Instagram during lockdown when I was becoming increasingly unhappy with my work situation. I knew I had to make a change but I was feeling stuck and didn't know what the next steps were. At the same time I was gaining more interest in the world of self-care and mindset but needed a bit more direction.

Even after my discovery call with Amelia I felt so much more positive, excited and clear on what my next steps were.

Before my coaching with Amelia, I really struggled with knowing what my goals were, let alone setting them. Amelia helped me understand what I actually wanted and how I had to go about getting them.

Amelia help me figure out exactly what it was that was getting in my way and how I could overcome these obstacles.


After each session I felt lighter, clearer and more in control.


The 'scary stuff' that I couldn't even imagine doing at the beginning of this process became more doable and my confidence this year has grown more than it ever has.


Amelia makes you feel completely at ease and she extends this outside of the coaching calls so it's easy to stay on track.


A hell of a lot has happened since I started working with Amelia and I'm so grateful I got to work with her. 


I completed a passionate project I was working on ahead of schedule and more importantly I was able to hand in my notice at work. Since then I have actually decided to start my own business - something I wouldn't have dreamed doing at the beginning of this year which blows my mind!

Thank you so much Amelia! 

SB - London

As soon as I spoke to Amelia, I knew that she was the right person to work with as she was literally glowing with positivity and enthusiasm and her passion for coaching just shone through from the start!


Over the last few months Amelia has used her incredible coaching skillset to help unlock potential within me that I didn’t know was there and as a result the progress I have made has been amazing.  I definitely wouldn’t have moved forwards at the pace I have without Amelia encouraging me to be honest with myself, challenging me to think differently and helping me recognise and overcome limiting beliefs. Amelia has also helped me focus on what I can do as opposed to what I can’t and helped me make sure that I proactively reduce the chance of things throwing me off track with my goals.


Having Amelia supporting me and keeping me accountable has been brilliant. Thank you so much Amelia.

LC - Leeds

Amelia coached me over c.3 months on a number of topics but all relating to finding balance for different areas in my life. She helped me find clarity in what I was hoping to achieve and challenged me to think different about recurring situations and how to move forward.


I lost count of the number of “aha”(!) moments in our sessions as she insightfully navigated behind my reasons for procrastination, lack of boundaries and prioritisation.


Sometimes challenging but always positive and smiling, I couldn’t recommend Amelia more highly for anyone seeking balance and direction and a dose of self discovery. Thank you so much Amelia. 

KW - London

I had a brief, but life changing, interaction with Amelia. We did an introductory call which completely shifted the way I saw my to-do list. The call highlighted the importance of building up my trust in myself. I followed up with Amelia’s bundle offer. I thought that going through the tasks would be quick, and would provide surface level information as I’d seen some of them before (the urgent important matrix for example) but Amelia takes it to another level. She really focuses on drilling into the nitty gritty. Working with Amelia made me realise that if I wasn’t clear in my intentions then I wouldn’t get what I wanted; you need to know what you want in order to get it. Amelia is insightful, pushes you to be better, but approaches everything with a level of care and consideration which made her feel like a friend. I’d highly recommend working with Amelia if you are looking for clarity!


I initially started to work with Amelia as I was feeling directionless in my career, and wanted help figuring out my next step. What transpired was 3 months of taking decisive and positive action (with her guidance), and actually addressing many aspects of my life I didn’t even realise I wanted to improve upon!
I looked forward to our bi-monthly sessions, as Amelia quickly made me feel comfortable enough to talk openly and honestly about my goals. It felt great to have that time set aside purely for myself, and I really think the accountability aspect of having Amelia as my coach meant I made progress much quicker than if left to my own devices. I felt very supported at all times, but that any choices I made were totally my own.
Although my goal is not fully realised, I feel firmly on the path to achieving it, and so much happier in myself. One of my close friends even messaged me recently saying she hadn’t seen me this excited and driven in ages, so others have noticed a difference in my mindset too.
Overall I couldn’t recommend Amelia highly enough - you’ll definitely be in safe hands, and what a perfect way to spend some time investing in yourself and your future.

EP - London

I recently did Amelia's Mini Bundle as I was feeling overwhelmed trying to balance my full time job and setting up my business at the same time! I was struggling to find time to work through my never ending “to do” list and going round in circles when I met with her. I made huge changes to both my mindset and productivity whilst working with Amelia. I got more done in one week than I could have imagined doing in one month but felt balanced and in control at the same time! Amelia was fantastic at helping me to feel calm and gain back the focus I felt I had lost! I would recommend her to anyone who’s feeling they need help in regaining balance in their life!

CW - London

Amelia has been such a delight to work with. She has helped me work through some difficult experiences in a way I never expected to before. She has a gift, able to help you break down any task or situation in a way that seems manageable and accessible. I would highly recommend her services as she has helped me retain balance in my life in a wonderful way. Thank you kindly Amelia

EC - Glasgow

Amelia’s positivity is contagious and her professionalism makes you feel safe. Her passion is visible throughout the sessions. She is organised and clear in her explanation of exercises.


The way Amelia had set up the sessions, really helped me break down my goals and set up a structured plan to achieve this. Amelia was there to guide me in the directions of answers by using questions and by challenging me. She was always there with an open mind and helped me look at things from a different perspective through her questions. The main thing I learned was to be more positive to myself, to realise that the little things matter. I’m learning more everyday with the tools Amelia gave me.

I would highly recommend Amelia as a coach to everyone who is looking for somebody to help guide them through life and work. She will push you to your limit in the most comfortable way possible but with enough of a challenge for you to learn.

 FT, London

I’ve been doing coaching with Amelia for around two months and honestly it has been the best decision I could have made for myself.

Before starting sessions my life was all over the place, I couldn’t seem to find any balance with the things I juggle in my life. As a result it left me feeling really anxious a lot of the time and quite lost.

Two months on and I’ve made SO much progress in areas that I didn’t think I could, generally I’m a lot more relaxed and a lot more organised. I’ve learnt how to be a lot kinder to myself and not beat myself up about things that don’t go the way I planned.


Amelia is amazing to work with, she makes you feel really comfortable and isn’t judgemental! She pushes and challenges you to make sure that you get to your goal.


If you’re looking for a coach she is definitely the one ! 

OD, Southampton

 I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Amelia she was great at helping me clarify what I wanted to work on and break it down into achievable steps. She was encouraging and challenging (when appropriate!) I did alter my goal but she was very supportive with my changes as focussing each session on the area I needed help on that week to achieve the balance in life that I was seeking.

OM, London

Working with Amelia completely changed my mindset and the way I treat myself. Before working with Amelia, I constantly put other people first and never made myself a priority. Amelia helped me to apply personal boundaries and really tune in listen to what I needed from myself.

During our sessions together, I slowly realised that a lot of the problems I was experiencing were because I was in my own way, and I was full of self-doubt. After the process, I am able to rationalise and see things in a way that I could not before. My self-esteem, confidence and self-belief have increased ten-fold since working with Amelia.


She made me feel completely comfortable and challenged me in really helpful ways. Amelia is amazing and I would recommend her to anybody that feels they need help in realising their potential and to stop getting in their own way!

TS - London

Amelia has been fantastic in helping me identify key priority areas in my life and set goals. She certainly doesn't give you the answers but her techniques and personalised approach has enabled me to put together really achievable and sensible plans to help me work towards my goals. I've gone from being a bit lost to having a focus in the priority areas of my life - I would definitely recommend working with Amelia.

SW, London

Amelia was my first coach ever and my coaching sessions with her helped me beyond my expectations.


I thought my goal was to become more organised in life but throughout our sessions I realised that it was only one area of my life I needed to be more organised.  Amelia was so positive and she really gave me the time and space to think and come up with ideas I didn’t think I could have.


Through the coaching process I realised that I was putting too much pressure on myself and I’ve made the decision to slow down the pace.  I’m not sure I would have made this decision early enough had it not been for my coaching sessions with her.


I was so impressed with the quality of questions Amelia asked, always relating to what I was saying.  She made sure nothing was blocking me and pushing me, kindly and with professionalism, to explore more options.  I felt listened to and encouraged to do my best.


It’s been a great personal growth journey for me overall.  I feel like I am now armed to organise myself better regardless of the goal I set myself.  Amelia has been an amazing facilitator in that matter.


Thank you for everything!

ASC - London

I asked Amelia to coach me in June 2020 at a time when my work, home and personal life had truly colided, as it had for many, due to Covid.  My balance was out of kilter.

There were not enough hours in the day, I felt nothing was ever quite good enough and my sleep was broken. Amelia provided some brilliant tools to help me reflect on what is really important to me and to establish what I wanted to achieve. Amelia provided a professional safe space for me, for which I am very grateful.  I have been able to clarify and balance my thinking, my organising and my priorities to deliver and serve professionally, personally and for my family.  I feel more in control and have tools to use in any future moments of doubt.  Thank you very much Amelia

LC - London