Hi I'm Amelia Kirk 

If you have been looking for a speaker and facilitator who  can help your colleagues or clients overcome overwhelm and develop a positive mindset then you are in the right place.

Through my work as a Mindset and Business Coach I have a deep understanding of the difficulties overwhelm can cause and have a clear 4 principle strategy to tackle overwhelm head on.


Overwhelm is everywhere.

Unfortunately we are taught that it is just something we have to put up with and wait until the storm passes but it's simply not the case.

In fact, did you know, the feeling of overwhelm is more overwhelming than what triggered that overwhelm in the first place!

So overcoming and preventing that overwhelm in the future, should be a priority right now.  Not only will your overwhelm be massively reduced or gone but you'll also see an increase in productivity, happiness, joy and confidence.

I have previously succesfully worked with organisations such as Dr Botanicals, Yellow Eve and Get Lit inc 

What I offer ?

Tailor Made Workshops and Talks

Both online and in person fully tailored to the needs of your organisation covering overwhelm and mindset

Collaborator for your Group Programmes and Memberships

Both online and in person covering overcoming overwhelm including my 4 key principles and tips and techniques for overwhelm and organisation when on a group program 

Event Speaker

Both online and in person covering overcoming overwhelm including my 4 key principles ensuring the relevancy to the audience

Who I've worked with 

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Amelia delivered an incredibly engaging, enthusiastic and thought-provoking workshop for us on our company away day. She created an atmosphere of openness, trust and reflection, with all the team feeling open to share with the group during the session. The workshop exceeded any expectations we had for it on our corporate away day - we wanted a nice break from strategy planning and some ideas for staff to take away to help with positive mindsets and overwhelm, but we ended up gaining so much more than that! Learnings from Amelia's session are regularly brought up in the office as a way to guide our communication, work style and collaboration. Upon mentioning to the team about doing more regular sessions with Amelia, they were all incredibly positive and excited! We would highly recommend Amelia and have no doubt that any team would hugely benefit from her teachings, especially as there is a greater rise in demand from employees for wellbeing and personal development initiatives in the workplace. It is clear that Amelia puts in a great deal of effort and preparation into her workshops, filling them with not only valuable learnings but also actionable tools to be able to easily make positive changes. 


 Richard Walker, CEO (Skin Research Ltd - Dr Botanicals)