Overcome the Overwhelm

I help people like you, overcome overwhelm and get organised so you can take back control of your life and find ease, joy and fulfilment in your work and life no matter the challenges life throws at us.



Amelia helped me find clarity in what I was hoping to achieve and challenged me to think differently about recurring situations and how to move forward. I lost count of the number of “aha”(!) moments in our sessions as she insightfully navigated behind my reasons for procrastination, lack of boundaries and prioritisation. I couldn’t recommend Amelia more highly for anyone seeking balance and direction and a dose of self-discovery. Thank you so much Amelia. 


Ways to work with me

There are three 1:1 programmes in the Overcome the Overwhelm Series to choose from that will help you overcome your limiting beliefs, ditch the overwhelm, take action and move forward with confidence, purpose and joy.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you find yourself sinking into overwhelm and when you try and fight it things just end up worse?

Do busy periods in your life and work always seem to result in overwhelm?

Does it feel like lots of things outside your control are causing you to be overwhelmed and you don't know what to do other than hope it'll pass?

Do you feel you never have enough time?


You feel stretched too thin and feel like there is always something that needs doing


You're a people pleaser who tries to please everyone but that just leaves you feeling tired and overwhelmed

You often feel like you've achieved nothing even though you've been busy

You're a perfectionist which often leaves you feeling stressed out 

You can't remember the last time you truly relaxed, switching off is hard for you 

If you aren't being productive you feel guilty and as though you should be doing something

You struggle with finding balance when going through a particular busy time in your life, work or business


Imagine feeling

Calm & in control

That procrastination is in the past

Focused and Productive

Confident to handle any challenges

Capable of bouncing back from any set backs

That you are a priority

You were able to understand the principles that impact your overwhelm and have tools and techniques to transform how you approach challenging times

You could have a clear understanding of how important your perspective is and create an action plan to help you make a change

Instead of feeling overwhelmed you felt focused, productive and relaxed! 

What if........

The Four Principles to Overcoming Overwhelm

There are four key principles that run through my coaching and my life which are Perspective, Prevention, Prioritisation and Planning

These form the foundation of my Overcome the Overwhelm programmes and weave throughout our time together. 

1:1 Coaching is personal and bespoke to each client and your individual journey but here is what you can expect to cover.

This principle allows us to get clear on your mindset and your existing limiting beliefs and look at how we can change them for more empowering thoughts. We will also explore the language that you use both when you talk to yourself and others and how that can contribute to overwhelm.

This is where we will use tools and techniques that are unique to you to manage your stress and overwhelm. We will also explore your individual triggers for overwhelm and how you can recognise them and move past them in the future.

This principle is all about working on those key planning skills to ensure that you feel calm and confident regardless of what you have going on in your life. We will look at time management, your next right step for your goals,  habits for success and organisation. As well as specific planning for key events in your life and work


This is where we will look at the boundaries you have in place both for yourself and others and how you can ensure that you are making your needs a priority in your life. This is where we will spot any people pleasing or perfectionist tendencies that might be holding you back as well as ensuring you remember to prioritise what is in your prevention toolkit! 


How does it work?


Not only will I help you overcome your overwhelm we’ll also work together to create clear action plans to tackle the things in your life and work that can cause overwhelm. 

This isn’t just mindset work, this is mindset work coupled with practical application and me as your accountability buddy to ensure you take the required action! 

Yes I want to build up your awareness to what is causing these problems for you but awareness isn’t enough.  I also want to empower you to take action.  Through careful planning and prioritisation it’ll become easier for you to handle life’s challenges in a calm and focused way. 

I offer 3 different programmes that cover the whole spectrum of overwhelm, wherever you are in life you will find a programme that will suit your needs and move you on your way to living your life overwhelm free!

Overcome the Overwhelm Overhaull

This is my signature 3 month programme that is ideal for you if you want to make a long term shift away from overwhelm for good! 


You’ll leave this program feeling capable and confident that you can handle the challenges life throws at you.  You’ll be better able to understand and notice what you are feeling and bounce back from setbacks quicker. 


You will find yourself with more resilience, strength, confidence, and calm than ever before

Overcome the Overwhelm ASAP

This programme is aimed at those who need some accountability and support over a 1 month period, perhaps during a launch in your business, personal events like house moves or a busy time in your work that in the past has left you overwhelmed.

We will start looking at your prevention techniques and an overall plan for the month and create achievable plans focused on your priorities for the week ahead to support you.


This programme will allow you to make progress and feel productive while remaining calm and happy.   

Overcome the Overwhelm SOS

This programme is for you if you need a one off deep dive into your overwhelm or immediate help on a specific issue or event that is causing you to feel particularly overwhelmed.

We’ll focus on your prioritising and creating a plan for the weeks ahead.


I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Amelia she was great at helping me clarify what I wanted to work on and break it down into achievable steps. She was encouraging and challenging (when appropriate!) I did alter my goal but she was very supportive with my changes as focussing each session on the area I needed help on that week to achieve the balance in life that I was seeking.