Overcome the Overwhelm

This programme is designed to provide support and accountability over a 1 month period during a typically stressful event or period.


Amelia helped me find clarity in what I was hoping to achieve and challenged me to think differently about recurring situations and how to move forward. I lost count of the number of “aha”(!) moments in our sessions as she insightfully navigated behind my reasons for procrastination, lack of boundaries and prioritisation. I couldn’t recommend Amelia more highly for anyone seeking balance and direction and a dose of self-discovery. Thank you so much Amelia. 

Does this sound familiar?

You are dreading an upcoming event/period as you just know it's going to be really stressful and you don't know how to make it manageable let alone enjoyable!

Busy periods in your life and overwhelm seem to go hand in hand

You just don't know where to start in getting yourself organised and prepared for this in a way that feels good!


You are in a stressful phase of your life and know you need some more support

You struggle with finding balance when going through a particular busy time in your life, work or business

You find it difficult to keep on track and find it easier with some accountability

You can recognise situations which will cause you overwhelm but don't know how to change it

You know you need to make some changes but don't know where to start

What if......

You had support and accountability to keep you on track  that allowed you to manage your overwhelm easily and effectively

You could understand how your overwhelmed is triggered and how to create an action plan and prevention toolbox to manage it now and in the future

Instead of feeling overwhelmed you could feel productive whilst remaining, calm, relaxed and happy!

What is it?

This programme is aimed at those who need some accountability and support over a one month period, perhaps during a particularly overwhelming time such as a house move. 


We will begin by looking at your prevention techniques and an overall plan for the month and then we’ll have short weekly sessions to create achievable plans focused on your priorities for the week ahead. This will support you and keep you accountable and on track, helping you make progress and feel productive whilst remaining calm and happy.   

What is included?

Pre session questionnaire

1 x 60 minute session

3 x 30 minute weekly sessions

1 month FULL support on Voxer and email

Investment : £350

Payment plan available 


Let's pop the kettle on for a free Discovery Call




Book in your discovery call! This is a chance for us to get to know each other and find out more about your current challenges and how I may be able to help you.

If we don’t think it’s the right fit I will point you in the direction of someone I feel is better suited to you if I can.  There really is no obligation to sign up. But should we both want to work together we'll discuss the different options and both of our availability to start. 

Once you have decided you’ll receive a coaching agreement and payment link and then your welcome pack.  I recommend you book your first session in for around 10 days after receiving your pack and the true work begins!


1. What if I don’t have much time and I don’t know when I’ll fit in coaching?

If you are feeling overwhelmed, chances are you also feel like you don't have time.  Especially as you prepare for a challenging period ahead!  It's part of my job to help you find the time! This is why we have one longer session to kick off the programme together but then all the following sessions are short 30 minute sessions to keep you on track.  Through working together I’ll help you prioritise better and use your time more efficiently.


2. How much support is full support between sessions?

I set my boundaries, as I will help you to set yours.  My hours are 10-6 Monday to Friday. I will always reply within 24 hours during working hours unless otherwise discussed.  You can make as much or as little use of that support as you wish. I will check in at least twice a week to encourage you to use it and often will send journal prompts and exercises between sessions to help ensure you are making plenty of progress outside our sessions.

3. What options do you have for payment plans or discounts?

This can be paid in one full payment or split over two monthly payments.  My priority is to help as many people as possible at a fair investment level.  If you need to discuss payment plan options to spread the payments out further please let me know.


I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Amelia she was great at helping me clarify what I wanted to work on and break it down into achievable steps. She was encouraging and challenging (when appropriate!) I did alter my goal but she was very supportive with my changes as focussing each session on the area I needed help on that week to achieve the balance in life that I was seeking.