My Story

I’m Amelia, an Overwhelm Coach and Speaker who works with individuals and organisations to help them overcome the challenges of modern work and life by shifting their perspective, developing prevention tools, learning to prioritise and planning effectively.

After initially training as an actor before spending time in hospitality and eventually working as an Operations Manager in Europe’s largest luxury health club I found myself constantly trying to please others and setting unrealistic expectations of achieving everything perfectly.  While trying to claw back some modicum of work life balance I decided to take a sabbatical and travel the world for 6 months.  What should have been an exciting run up to this trip of a lifetime turned out to be a catalyst for burnout, stress and anxiety.  Rather than go and speak to my doctor and get signed off I “powered through”.

I assumed all of my overwhelm, anxiety and stress were due to work so I expected to leave them all behind when I went on my travels.  This was not the case.  After cutting my trip short and coming home I knew it was time to face up to the fact that my overwhelm wouldn’t go away on its own. There would always be something new to trigger it.

So I set out to tackle my overwhelm head on.

I re-trained and became a qualified coach specialising in combining positive psychology principles with a practical, action focused approach to help others overcome overwhelm.


I now help individuals and organisations to develop and nurture a positive mindset that allows them to handle the challenges life throws at them.  I am truly passionate about helping people overcome overwhelm using my 4 pillar formula focusing on perspective, prevention, prioritisation and planning. 


Combining my performance training and experience alongside my industry knowledge I am a passionate, enthusiastic and engaging speaker.  I've worked with brands such as Dr Botanicals and Hello Day to host talks and facilitate workshops to help teams overcome overwhelm together, an essential factor to any workplace wellness program. 


I believe rest, joy and relaxation should not be a luxury and our culture’s obsession with being constantly busy needs to change.  For me rest, joy and relaxation come in the form of reading, theatre trips, good food, Bake Off and getting outside but I understand we are all different and it’s not a one stop shop of meditation and journaling which is so often the industry standard.


I am passionate about sharing my message and ensuring more people, businesses and cultures understand that being overwhelmed is normal, but it is not ok.


"Just because it's normal, doesn't mean that it's OK."


So that's a little about how I got to where I am today, but I'm more interested in seeing where you could end up if you took the time to overcome your overwhelm?

Are you up for the challenge?