My Story



I’m a reader. I’m a sister, daughter, friend and partner. I’m a dog lover (currently without a dog!) I have a contagious laugh.  I have a very sweet tooth. I’m a cryer and proud of it. I have a lot of energy but I’m also very happy to sit and watch tv. I value my time. I value honesty. I am bold. I am brave. I am balanced.

Honestly, I almost don’t know where to start. 


There are so many pieces to the jigsaw puzzle of a person’s life and I truly believe that everything that happens has led us to where we are and where we are meant to be.

There are a few key moments I will address:

Realising I was on the edge of being signed off work

Realising I couldn’t blame work for my anxiety but I also couldn’t ignore the impact it had on my mental health

Realising I was a people pleaser

Realising I was a perfectionist


It’s safe to say I had a lot of realisations!! 

Back in 2019, just before I was due to go on a sabbatical from work to travel for 6 months I found myself so overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out that I knew I would be signed off from work, if I went to the doctor. Of course, my reaction was to power through and not go for that appointment I desperately needed.  While away on a trip of lifetime I had to face the reality that my anxiety was not down to work alone.  I had a number of incidents and struggles on that trip and finally on returning to London, 6 weeks earlier than planned, I booked that doctor’s appointment. 


One thing that has stayed with me since that day was my doctor asking me if I thought my work was sustainable (I was, at the time an Operations Manager in the largest luxury health club in Europe.)  I said no, I didn't think it was sustainable but that all my friends in very different industries were having the same sort of problems,. No balance. Overworked. Stressed.  It was normal. 

I didn’t see how I could ever not feel that way.


She said to me

Well that was a pretty defining moment for me.  Just because we see things as normal doesn’t mean that is what we should accept.  We don’t need to accept that a job has to be stressful or that a business has to take up all your time. 

We can challenge that.


We can make different choices.


We can carve a new path for ourselves.


This then led me to explore other options, what on earth was I going to do now?  What would give me the sense of balance, progress and fulfilment that I was seeking?

I came across coaching after a decade of changing between different callings and careers.

​I immediately knew that this was the path for me and I became qualified coach.

This was when realisation 3 and 4 hit me. 


I was a people pleaser and perfectionist.

I could change my job, change my entire profession but end up in the exact same situation of burnout and stress if I didn’t change the underlying issues. 

If I didn’t let go of my people pleasing and perfectionism I would never be able to create balance and live a life I truly loved.

Since then it has become my mission to help other new and aspiring entrepreneurs transform their mindset so that they can build a business with balance at it’s core to allow them to create a life they love.

To allow them to overcome the fear of what others think so we can put our ideas and businesses out into the world.   So we can build confidence and courage in ourselves and implement strategies and habits for success that will move us forward.

Are you ready to change your mindset and create a business and life that you love?

"Just because it's normal, doesn't mean that it's OK."