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How to Create Balance in your Business

FREE Workshop

Tuesday 25th May

6.30pm-7.30pm BST

Learn the fundamental lessons to creating balance in your business and life.

Are you ready to learn how to create balance in your business?

This 60 minute workshop is designed for you!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the volume of things on your to do list? 

Are you feeling out of balance with your business and finding it hard to navigate lockdown continuing to ease and ever increasing demands on your time?

Are you finding yourself caught up in comparison?

Are you finding yourself pushing yourself to the max and then feeling guilty when you need time off?

 In this workshop I'll be introducing you to some core lessons you need to learn to begin to create balance in your business. 

This workshop is designed to accompany my free workbook

"5 Things you Need to Know to Create Balance in Your Business" 

We'll be building on what you learnt in the workbook and taking your learning even further to help you finally build the balance that you deserve to have in your business.

We'll uncover the real reason you might not have balance and get super clear on what balance actually looks like for you.  We'll also begin to explore your boundaries and how you can communicate them as well as tune into our bodies and the signals we have been ignoring.

If you haven't yet downloaded your free copy of the workbook click the link below to access yours.

Is this you?

  • You feel overwhelmed within your business.

  • There always seems to be more to do yet you don't feel like you are making much progress.

  • You keep swinging from confident to doubting yourself and your next steps.

  • You want balance but don't feel that you have done enough to earn it yet in your business.

Imagine If...

  • You could understand what's causing your lack of balance and how your beliefs might be getting in the way.

  • You could communicate your boundaries confidently.

  • You knew what balance would and could look like for you.

  • You were able to tune into your body more and understand your warning signs that things are out of balance.

  • All this and more is possible!

Testimonials from Previous Workshops

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop. Really inspiring and of huge value. A barrier for me is procrastination...your session knocked that block down and I really focussed and made progress on steps.  Feeling so much more motivated. Thank you.

Amazing amount of work and effort has gone into this, incredibly valuable.  I am motivated and so grateful to you

Great workshop! Really well put together and nicely presented. The workbook was insightful but the workshop put a lot of substance behind it. Highlight for me was doing the exercises that were really thought provoking!


This is set to be an amazing workshop as well as a celebration of my first ever group coaching program.

Tuesday 25th May

6.30-7.30pm BST