My name is Amelia and I help ambitious, driven women stop people pleasing and start reclaiming their time to find the balance, progress and fulfilment in work and life.  I'll empower you to take bold, brave steps towards creating the life you want to lead.


I believe balance is about setting boundaries so that your work doesn’t take over.  It’s taking time for yourself, it’s discovering what you actually want out of life and remembering who you want it for.  It’s making sure that one thing doesn’t overshadow everything else.  Balance is making time for what you want and living in a way that honours your values.

That is balance for me.


What is balance for you?


Let me help you find it.

Do you need more Balance?

What is Coaching?

Balance means something different to everyone.  

-Do you feel pulled in different directions and have no time for yourself?

-Do you find it hard to have a consistent approach to health and fitness?

-Do you struggle to find the time to work on your own business?

-Do you lack the time to do the things that you want to do?

-Do you spend a lot of time people pleasing?

-Do you find it difficult to say no?

-Do you avoid asking for help?

-Do you strive for perfection at the cost of all else?

-Do you put your needs last?

-Do you feel you need to make a change but you aren’t sure where to start?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then coaching could be for you.  We are constantly exposed to the story of people having it all, doing it all and being incredibly happy in the process.  The pressure on everyone is tremendous.  Take a moment to think, who in your life puts the most pressure on you?  A lot of the time, the answer is yourself.  


We are burnt out, anxious and feeling overwhelmed.  

We need to be bold.

We need to be brave.

We need to be balanced.  

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What is Coaching?


Coaching is a structured relationship between a client and coach.  The purpose of coaching is to help a client get from where they are to where they want to be.  I want to help you become the person you want to be.  This is done through careful exploration and powerful questions that will raise your self-awareness and allow you to find the solutions you need.   Many people don’t believe that they have the answers themselves, but through the support of the coaching relationship you will discover you had the answers all along. In a coaching relationship no advice is given, I am not your counsellor or mentor.  I will create a safe space for you to talk confidentially and voice your goals.  Coaching is present and future-focused.  We might occasionally dip into elements from the past but our time will primarily be spent understanding your goals, exploring your reality, unlocking your options and identifying the way forward. 

Rebuild Your Balance Program

What to Expect:

Transforming you from this:

  • You lack boundaries

  • You people please

  • You say yes to everything

  • You can never find enough time in the day or week for everything you want to do but you rarely let that be known 

  • You feel guilty if you can't give the attention to someone or something that you feel you should

  • You often feel exhausted and overwhelmed

  • You are running on auto pilot and feel unfulfilled

  • You have an all or nothing approach and things have to be perfect

To this:

  • You are able to make bold, brave decisions for yourself and build new beliefs

  • You value your time and your self worth and people pleasing is a thing of the past

  • You have put boundaries in place that serve you and improve your relationships

  • You are kind to yourself and cherish the time you spend with others

  • You feel challenged and stimulated while flourishing in your work or business

  • You feel fulfilled and present

  • You have a balanced approach to all areas of your life

  • You feel passionate and proud of the life you have created for yourself


OD, Southampton

Amelia’s positivity is contagious and her professionalism makes you feel safe. Her passion is visible throughout the sessions.  She will push you to your limit in the most comfortable way possible but with enough of a challenge for you to learn.

FT, London

It has been the best decision I could have made for myself. I’ve made so much progress in areas that I didn’t think I could, I’m a lot more relaxed and organised. 

Amelia is amazing to work with, she makes you feel really comfortable and isn’t judgemental! She pushes and challenges you to make sure that you get to your goal.


Book Club Corner

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