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5 Steps to
Overcome Business Overwhelm

FREE Workshop

Monday 11th October

7pm-8pm BST

Learn the 5 steps to help you overcome the overwhelm of your business.

Are you ready to learn how to overcome overwhelm in your business?

This 60 minute workshop is designed for you!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the volume of things on your to do list? 

Are you feeling out of balance with your business and finding it hard to move your business forward with ever increasing demands on your time?

Are you finding yourself caught up in comparison?

Do you lack confidence in your capabilities?

Are you finding that you pushing yourself to the max and then feeling guilty when you need time off?

 In this workshop I'll be introducing you to 5 steps that are going to help you start to overcome overwhelm straight away.

We'll be looking at these 5 Steps and working through a short exercise for each in the workshop to ensure you leave feeling ready to take your next step.

  • Connect

  • Kick Comparison to the curb

  • Dial up your Confidence

  • Get Clear on your Boundaries

  • Develop your Coping Strategies

We'll uncover the support network you already have around and within you to help you begin to overcome overwhelm and start enjoying your business again!

Is this you?

  • You feel overwhelmed within your business.

  • There always seems to be more to do yet you don't feel like you are making much progress.

  • You keep swinging from confident to doubting yourself and your next steps.

  • You keep finding yourself getting caught in the comparison trap 

Imagine If...

  • You could utilise your support network more effectively

  • You could communicate your boundaries clearly.

  • You felt confident in yourself and your business.

  • You could let go of comparison and use it for inspiration

  • You were able to tune into your body more and take action when things begin to feel overwhelming

  • All this and more is possible!

Testimonials from Previous Workshops

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop. Really inspiring and of huge value. A barrier for me is procrastination...your session knocked that block down and I really focussed and made progress on steps.  Feeling so much more motivated. Thank you.

Amazing amount of work and effort has gone into this, incredibly valuable.  I am motivated and so grateful to you

Great workshop! Really well put together and nicely presented. The workbook was insightful but the workshop put a lot of substance behind it. Highlight for me was doing the exercises that were really thought provoking!


This is set to be an amazing workshop as part of the relaunch of my group coaching program.
There will be an exclusive discount ONLY available to those on the workshop.

Monday 11th October

7pm-8pm BST