Amelia Kirk Coaching

Overwhelm Coach and Speaker

Working with individuals and organisations to help them overcome the challenges of modern work and life by shifting their perspective, developing prevention tools, learning to prioritise and planning effectively.

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Hi, I'm Amelia

I help people to overcome the overwhelm we all face in life so that they can find more ease, joy and confidence to take action to get what you want. 

Overcoming overwhelm has transformed my life.


And now I want to help as many people transform their lives too!


Can you imagine experiencing a life without overwhelm?

Overwhelm is normal.  But it's not OK.


We are taught that overwhelm is just part of life and something we better get used to and I am here to show you that isn't the case.

I'm passionate about helping people unlock the secrets to overcoming overwhelm through speaking events and workshops as well as my 1:1 and group coaching.

I'm all about taking action and helping you to do the same!

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Would you like to know how to leave overwhelm behind?

I help people through my Overcome the Overwhelm 4 pillar system which runs through all my coaching programs, workshops and talks in a variety of ways.





Overcome the Overwhelm Coaching Series

Overcome the Overwhelm


Ideal if you need a one off deep dive into your overwhelm for help with an immediate issue or particularly stressful time, we’ll focus on your prioritising and creating a plan for the weeks ahead

Overcome the Overwhelm
The Overhaul

Overcome the Overwhelm 


Excellent if you need some accountability and support over a month period.  We will start looking at your prevention techniques and an overall plan for the month creating achievable goals and the actions that will get you there.     

This is for those ready to make longterm change to how they overcome and prevent overwhelm in their work, life and future. 

You’ll leave this program feeling capable and confident that you can handle the challenges life throws at us.

5 Lessons to create

Balance in your Business

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 "It has been the best decision I could have made for myself. I’ve made so much progress in areas that I didn’t think I could. Amelia is amazing to work with, she makes you feel really comfortable and isn’t judgemental! She pushes and challenges you to make sure that you get to your goal." 

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Turn your business VISION into a REALITY


Book Club Corner

Every other month we discuss a different personal development book and enjoy a group coaching experience to help you take the book off the page and into your life.